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Satvik honey is extracted from flowers grown in natural, unpolluted villages of India. The natural and pure honey colour and flavour varies and generally depend on the type of flowers, wherefrom honeybees collect nectar, which determines the honey colour, aroma, taste and level of nutrient contents in honey.


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Lychee Honey by Satvik Foods

However, basic nutritional content does not change much, only its level changes with the type of crop.

Natural honey contains different minerals, antioxidants, polyphenols, antibacterial properties etc.

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Benefits of taking honey on a daily basis:

  1. Honey is rich in antioxidants and hence free radicals are engaged.
  2. Start your day with honey in warm water mixed with lemon to increase the body’s metabolism
  3. Raw honey can kill undesirable bacteria and fungus present in the body
  4. Honey gives a hydration boost and locks moisture in your face
  5. Increases immunity in children
  6. Takes care of the digestive system and many more…


How much honey should be consumed, Honey

For children: 2.5-10 mL (0.5-1 teaspoon) of honey at bedtime/ can be used with any other natural products like pinch of black pepper, very small quantity of ginger juice etc.

For adults:

Consuming 1–2 tsp of honey daily is good for health. It should be consumed as a honey drink i.e mixed with a glass of lukewarm water for its full benefit


The myth about honey:

Pure liquid honey crystallizes naturally over time as glucose (present naturally in honey) “Precipitate out” from it and convert into crystals.

lychee honey health benefits

Lychee, also known as Litchi, is one of the most delicious fruits on the planet. It is the only member of the genus Litchi and grows on a plant with the same name. Lychee is cultivated all around the world, but it was once native only to China.

Lychee is rich in vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, etc due to which it has many health benefits. Lychee honey is made with the help of nectars collected from the flowers of lychee. Just like Lychee fruit, Lychee honey is also rich in vitamins and minerals. Here are some of the major health benefits of lychee honey:

  • Reduce high blood pressure: Lychee honey contains antioxidants that can help to treat people with high blood pressure. Just by consuming lychee honey daily, you can keep your high blood pressure in check. Morning is the best time to consume lychee honey as it can help you feel energetic throughout the day.
  • Treat diabetes: Lychee honey can also help people suffering from diabetes. All you need to do is consume lychee honey daily and you can recover from diabetes. Lychee honey is sugar-free which means you can eat it as much as you want. However, it would be better to buy lychee honey from reputable manufacturers for extra security.
  • Treat throat infections: Lychee honey contains some properties that allow a person to treat his/her throat from any kind of infection. If you consume lychee honey, the swelling caused by the infection will decrease and it will eventually vanish.
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties: Lychee honey contains an enzyme that allows it to create hydrogen peroxide which helps it make antibacterial and antifungal properties. It means that lychee honey can stay fresh for a very long time without getting any kind of bacteria or fungus.
  • Sedative properties: Along with its various treating properties, lychee honey also possesses sedative properties. Many people use lychee honey to calm their minds by getting into a sedative state. It helps them relax and focus on their objectives. Thus, lychee honey is perfect for people who are dealing with stress all the time.
  • Prevents cancer: Thanks to the properties of lychee honey, it can also prevent cancer from occurring by constantly attacking the cancer cells. Lychee honey can inhibit ulcers and prevent cancer. All you need to do is add lychee honey to your diet and consume it daily.
  • Increases metabolism: Just by consuming lychee honey regularly, you can improve your metabolism rate far greater than normal. It can help you stay slim and fit without any fear of getting fat. Many fitness lovers use lychee honey to keep their metabolism in check and acquire the desired results.
  • Prevent premature aging: Many people suffer from premature aging which makes them look much older than they are. There are antioxidant properties in lychee honey that can prevent premature aging from occurring.
  • Treatment for cough and cold: Lychee honey also has anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce the inflammation in the body. With this property, lychee honey is great for treating people with severe cold and cough.



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