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The healthy human being can take half to one tablespoon of this powder with plan water/ milk after meals, two times in a day.
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Shatavari churna

Shatavari, also known as Asparagus racemosus contains sarsasapogenin and 4 saponin compounds which is called Shatavari I-IV. It is generally used for the treatment of galactagogue, dyspepsia gastric ulcers, etc

Few benefits of Shatavari

1 Rich in antioxidants

2 rich to anti-inflammatory capabilities

3 bits of help in maintaining a healthy female reproductive system

4 soothing effect on the digestive tract

5 Improves immune system

6 Helps in the treatment of ulcer

7 Reduce side effects of menopausal symptoms

8 prevents kidney stone formation

9 Natural anti-aging powers

10 Helps in increasing levels of milk production in lactating mother

11 Useful for heart patients and any more


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