Silicone scrubbing gloves

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Silicon scrubber gloves

  • Multipurpose gloves used for dish washing, kitchen cleaning, pet hair washing, bathroom cleaning, washing fruits and vegetables etc.
  • Easy to foam with any soap or detergent and ready to use.
  • Bacteria resistant so your hands are safe while working in clumsy corners.
  • Heat resistant up to 160°C so very useful in the kitchen while handling hot dishes and utensils.
  • Very comfortable and elastic to fit most people’s hands. It feels like working with your bare hands.
  • Reusable and can be sterilized easily in boiling water or microwave(approx 2 min)
  • Safeguard you from germs, allergy and any adverse effect from cleaning agents.
  • Gloves itself are easy to clean as you just need to rinse them well

Package Contains:- 1Pair Glove

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Silicone scrubbing gloves

Scrubber gloves are multipurpose hand scrubber gloves made up of natural rubber. It offers silicon bristles on the palm and fingers on the base of the rubber glove which provides elasticity to it. These are made in order to ease our household operations like dishwashing, car washing etc. These can be disinfected just by boiling water or microwave for 2 min.

Silicon gloves last longer than normal rubber gloves and are reusable. Its multi-functioning ability will give you the convenience to attend your household tasks freely and easily.

                                                                 Stay safe with dishwashing gloves with scrubber

Cleaning the dishes is one of the hectic chores; however, it is never an avoiding task of users. Hiring a full-time servant is one of the solutions of this barrier, but paying a lump sum amount for this service is not possible by all ends. The users of utensils have to wash it even if they have skin issues. But now times have changed, dishwashing gloves with scrubber have come into the market to make dishwashing task more manageable and convenient. Thus, stop paying a lump sum amount every month to a maid, buying dishwashing gloves available at the cheap amount is the best solution for washing the dishes quickly and without harming your skin.

Scrub gloves

Gloves for washing utensils is the best part of a kitchen. These are designed with a scrubber that makes the users clean oily and greasy strains without any physical strength. Users feel it flawless to rub the surface of greasy utensils—no need to buy dish cleaning brushes while users use dishwashing gloves. Hence, make the job of cleaning your utensils an exciting task with silicone cleaning gloves.

  • Staying safe and convenient with dishwashing gloves with scrubber:

When it comes to clean the dirty and oily utensils, it looks like a complicated job. Those are having skin infection or irritations never able to wash even a single utensil with detergent. Many people take the use of dishwashers. However, it is not as effective as it seems. The best way to clean utensils is with hands because it is a way that has been using since the ancient time.

Although the uses of silicon dishwashing gloves are abundant, that can be only known by those who will use it. Let’s shed light at the basic pros of dishwashing kitchen gloves:

  • Saying goodbye to stickiness: Magic dishwashing gloves are designed with silicon that makes the greasy utensils clean easily. No need to rub utensils for long minutes with an ordinary brush, wear dishwashing gloves before washing your dishes.
  • Stop wasting your money on servants: Paying servants to clean utensils is a usual task. However, not all people can afford this. Thus, with magic hand gloves, no need to hire servants for cleaning utensils.
  • Clean your dishes swiftly: Silicone gloves help to clean several dishes with no time. The users need to apply a detergent on the gloves only once to clean a big slot of utensils soon.
  • Stop harming your delicate skin: Not all people having issues of skin irritations during the cleaning of utensils, but it is the true softness of skin turns to hard by cleaning utensils because detergents have chemicals that are used to clean. So, keep your skin soft and gleam by wearing magic gloves.

Besides, silicon dishwashing gloves with scrubbers are heat and cold resistant. It also cleans dirt, greases, bacteria, and smell properly. Moreover, these magic gloves are also used in bathrooms, bedrooms, pet care, or washing cars.


Buying dishwashing gloves with scrubber is not a big investment. It is available in a small amount that all can afford. Moreover, a single pair of magic kitchen gloves are adequate to use for a long time; however, it also depends upon the number of utensils that will be washed by it. But, using dishwashing kitchen gloves is an effective solution.

Don’t think more! Buy dishwashing gloves with scrubber soon to make hand and utensils safe!






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  1. Priyansh Dedhia (verified owner)

    Ordered 2 pairs.
    On time delivery by heal kit. Great product and best price.

  2. A B (verified owner)


  3. sairaam.vinjamuri (verified owner)

    Very tight for medium size hands and you can’t do even complete fist.

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