Ab Wheel Roller

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Ab Wheel Roller

 Ab Wheel Roller is a simple and effective exercise tool. It consists of two handles connecting a wheel which trains your entire core (Abs, gluten, lower back muscles and obliques).

  • It works on lats, core and triceps and helps them to build strong.
  • It strengthens your shoulders, abdominal muscles and improves flexibility.
  • You can do incline bench rollouts, kneeling rollouts.
  • Comes with anti-slip foam handles and non-skid wheel.
  • It’s very compact and portable.

Box Contains –  2 wheels, 1 rod with Handle.

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Designed this ab wheel roller to be taken outdoor anywhere so that you can work all your ab muscles at any time fix in small box lightweight and compact size.

Advantages of ab wheel roller in our day-to-day lifestyle

Ab wheel results

You might have surely seen the ab wheel featured in the blurb and there’s doubtlessly one lying around in the corner of your gym. It is the best tool to strengthen your core. Many people consider it to be a contrivance.

abs roller price in india and workout result and prices


Ab Wheel Rollouts

When one rolls forward, his/her abs work overtime to keep the back from bowing into extension. They train your abs the way the muscles are designed to function. Rollouts just prevent you from going into an extension. Rollouts share a similar concept with planks but are much more difficult and this at times makes them dangerous. If you can only do a few Push-Ups without your back drooping or you can’t hold a Plank for more than a few seconds then it shows that your core isn’t very strong and if you fall under this category then this might result in a back extension during an Ab Wheel Rollout thereby stressing your spine, and causing some degree of lower-back pain or injury.

If improving your looks is your soul goal then Ab Wheel Rollouts provide a better ab workout than any customary flexion exercises thereby creating muscular and more powerful abs. Also, the stronger your abs are more protected your spine is which prevents energy leaks, erodes power, and strengthens your sports skills. To protect your spine, it is necessary to strengthen your core with beginner Rollout progressions before performing any advanced Rollouts.

Okay, now let’s jump into some exercise wheel benefits which are listed below:

  • A large number of muscles work at once

A large number of muscles are strengthened by Ab wheel exercises. Traditional exercises, including crunches, work only a limited number of muscles saying it to 20 muscles only.

These muscles involve obliques, hip flexors, and several other muscles throughout your entire body.

  • Much more challenging than any traditional Ab crunches

Involving a high degree of muscles for your obliques and abs is one of the biggest advantages of the ab wheel. According to a study, it predicted that an ab wheel exercise produces way more muscle activity in your abs and obliques than any traditional crunches. Ab rolling targets a larger quantity of muscles which makes it a lot more challenging than your traditional crunches.


  • Positive health effects

Strength training workouts which involve the exercise wheel improve your fitness along with overall health in many ways. A performing exercise wheel exercise prevents your body from diseases, increases your overall stamina, strengthens your muscles greatly thereby reducing the chances of injury, helps in shedding some extra kilos, and helps in strengthening the core to improve the body balance.

  • Goodbye to back pains

An exercise wheel not only helps in gaining hot six-packs but also helps in reducing the risk of vexatious back pains. Having a strong core not only helps in making your posture better but will also help you with having trouble-free back. This also boosts up confidence as a better posture is the key to confidence.

Ab wheel roller price

In the Online market place In India ab wheel roller price starts from Rs 300/- and goes up to 3000/- depends on the quality and brand of the product

Recommended accessories:- Use Yoga Mat to do work workout.


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