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Yoga is an Ancient practice it was an art and also science transform your body soul and mind. The yoga mat is an essential accessory to do yoga

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In yoga mat 10mm size is the best yoga mats in India in comfort and relax lightweight and give more relaxation to do yoga and meditation.

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10mm yoga mat online India

The 10mm yoga mat is the best selling product in comparison to 4-6-8mm products because it provides more comfort and takes space in comparison to other mats also 10mm provides more comfort on flat surfaces and gardens in comparison to low thickness mat. Available in bright fluorescent attractive colors best for gym exercise low the risk of injuries. yga mat

Best Yoga mat India

yoga mat 10totally fit with your requirements for doing yoga in indoor and outdoor. to buy a yoga mat online in India Healkit offer a large variety of yoga mat products in India.

Thickness – 10 MM

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Note:- No Return and replacement available for this product.

Why do you need in a yoga mat?

Yoga is one of the crucial things a person should do on their daily basis. As covid-19 pandemic proved that nothing would happen if your health is poor. Even money won’t give you your desired health. You should accomplish either exercise, workout, or yoga, whatever you can do, it shows better results in the future.

Do you need a yoga mat to workout :- yes


But, before doing anything, the primary step is getting a yoga mat!

Nowadays, a yoga mat is a mandatory part of doing exercise or yoga. Keep in mind that every mat is not equal. At the end of this blog, you will be as clear as one should be before buying a yoga mat.


Here are some recommendations that you should look at once!

Go for a thick yoga mat. A thin yoga mat may harm you while doing jumping or while performing a downside pose. A thin yoga mat is also good but a slightly thick yoga mat is more preferable. Make sure, according to your exercise and budget, you choose a yoga mat because it provides a perfect balance while performing a task.


  • Many times if a yoga mat is not selected according to exercise, one may even slip or may get an injury too. Usually, 3.3 mm is considered the ideal size of a yoga mat.

The material of a yoga mat affects most of your performance of a workout or yoga. The mat should be good in texture, eco-friendly, and having the proper amount of sponginess and stickiness. Some people are not comfortable with a sticky yoga mat, and some may not be satisfied with spongy, so choose wisely.

  • Choose according to budget; if you are a beginner or do not perform yoga or exercise daily, don’t go for expensive mats. Choose an eye-catching color yoga mat at an affordable price.


Online or offline

If buying a mat online, then read the description carefully and make sure you purchase it after seeing reviews and stars. If buying offline, then ask the shopkeeper to tell you about their product. Tell them your conditions and budget and then after pay for it. Either online or offline, always take suggestions for the one who is already experienced in this field.


Mainly there are three types of yoga mat material available!

  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) yoga mat

Exercising on the floor or practicing yoga is more comfortable with a PVC mat. PVC mat provides a layer of buffer over the hard floor or ground so that you can work it out without feeling any discomfort. Non-slip surface- the surface of the PVC yoga mat having a good grip and prevents slipping while doing asanas. It is an artificial material. It is pretty high in price also.

  • Rubber yoga mat

The rubber mat is natural and renewable. Even it is thick in size. Usually, rubber mats are heavy but provide you a non-slip surface. The rubber mat is eco-friendly, and many rubber mats come with double-sided and sweat absorbent quality.

  • TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer mats)

TPE yoga mats are not durable like rubber mats. But, their material is soft and is always light in weight. Even this type of yoga mat also is odorless.


Benefits of yoga mat

  • Exceptional stability allows you to keep your balance during any workout style moisture-resistant so that you can use it as long as you require.
  • Accessible strapping and lightweight details are usually added to the mat for easy Transport and storage.
  • Proper balance is given through a yoga mat because the floor or tiles may harm your body parts.




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Weight0.5 g
Dimensions9 × 9 × 30 cm
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Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Red


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