Long Loop Band Extra Light

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Power resistance band

Long loop Bands E-light is a closed-loop resistance band.

It provides resistance between 10-13 lbs and is an excellent tool for strength training, stretching, jumping and rehab exercises. These bands can move in any direction and pattern, so very good for high rep toning exercises which boosts smaller muscle groups of the upper and lower body.

Ideal for the warm-up of muscles and toning of muscles.

Product details:-

Strength – Extra Light

Colour – On Availablity

Breadth – 13mm

Resistance – 10 to 13 Lbs

Extra light ideal for starting


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long resistance loop bands

Best for exercise and strength building these long resistance loop bands come in light strength and best latex quality to do more stuff.

Long loop resistance bands

Loop band Use to do 30+ exercises for full body.


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