Toning Tube

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Toning Resistance Double Tube

Lightweight convenient to carry in travel Strengthening back muscles, make abdominal muscles improve postures.

About the product:-

  • 80 Cm Length
  • Ultimate tensile length is 2.5 times
  • Home Based strength training
  • Double resistance tube (Multi-Colour)
  • Adjustable Handles.
  • Adjustable Tube Resistance

Product information:

Brand Double Toning Tube
Colour Blue, Red, Grey Green
Sale Price Rs- 255/-
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Toning Tube resistance band Online

An excellent tool to build up your muscles at the comfort of your home this double resistance tube helps you in staying fit at home and toning your body.

Its design is very comfortable and easy to carry in travel.


In today’s life, most of us are doing a desk job and this resists body movement. So, it becomes very essential to exercise to keep the body toned. It is a highly recommended product for fitness and strength training. This double toning tube will help you get in better shape with no gym membership or the risk of lifting heavyweights.

It is a unique product that helps in toning the back muscles, reducing belly fat, improving blood circulation and body posture as well by increasing the stamina, energy, and vitality of the body. It is the best product which leads to faster weight loss.



It contains a Latex tube with high-quality rubber, nylon handles, and soft foam grips of 4 feet in length. The elastic resistance of the rubber training rope allows for adjustment according to your physical needs.

It covers the handles in foam which doesn’t hurt the hand or slip away while holding and provide a comfortable grip, and it combines the tube with others.



To use this effectively, you need to stand on the resistance band with feet wide apart. Then, hold both the ends of the band in each hand, making your palms face towards each other. Knees are to be slightly bent. But it is important to keep the back flat, arms straight, and hands under the shoulder.

Now, you need to bend the elbows which provide a perfect grip to pull the resistance band and bring the elbows close to the body.

Slowly keep on straightening your arms and then lower your hands.



There are many exercises that can be done using this tube-like Ankle jumping jacks, Banded walks, Prone leg curl, Supinated Clamshell, Glute bridge, Seating abduction, kneeling crunch, Push-ups, Fire hydrant, Chest press, Tricep Expansion, Teasers, Arm stretch, Side shuffle, Standing lateral leg raise, Side raises, Upper back firmers, Upright row, etc.


NOTE:- We always recommend you to start slowly, picking up a few exercises that you are more comfortable with and targeting the specific areas that need to be toned first.



  1. It is a complete alternative to free weights and machines.
  2. The resistance tube provides a smooth and consistent stretch of action.
  3. It is inexpensive as compared to the gym equipment.
  4. They make it with environment-friendly material, so it is absolutely safe to use and carry.
  5. It is flexible to use anywhere whether you are at home, in the office, or while traveling
  6. It allows you to perform a wide variety of exercises and focus the tension on targeted muscles and body parts.
  7. Comfort grips allow you to workout longer.
  8. It is a very handy, safe, and durable tube.
  9. Cushioned foam handles for a comfortable grip.



This double toning tube and Triple toning tube is a cheap alternative to all the expensive gym memberships. Any age-group can use it. Doing daily exercises using this double toning resistance tube is great for building the smaller muscles that are essential in supporting our body and maintaining balance. If practiced daily, you may notice effective results within 7-8 weeks.

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