Skipping rope with counter

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Jump rope with counter

The package contained – 1 Pcs jump rope.

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Skipping rope with counter has a counter meter in one handle of rope which makes convenient to get information about the number of times you jump and no need to remember the jump counting. The counter is easy to use and can be reset to Zero for next use. Jumping rope helps to stay fit whether you are at home or traveling by allowing you to give the chance of skipping anywhere. It helps you to tone your muscles, helps in losing weight, and boosts stamina.

Best skipping rope with counter

Product quality is very good to handle, the grip is very comfortable, rope quality is very good and material is capable of less wear and tear, available in attractive colors.


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Brand Healkit
Product TypeMeter Jump Rope
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Jump rope with counter

Jump rope with counter works automatically. No need to remember how many times you jump. Just feel relax in doing exercise.

How it works

As you start jumping, it automatically starts counting with the help of meter connected with rope barring and stops easily. One can easily scale how much workout has been done.

Cost of jump rope

Jumping rope is easily available and most used equipment. It can be purchased from the local store as well as online platforms. Normal skipping rope prices start from Rs.99/-. Buy from Healkit which offers no shipping charges on products.

2 reviews for Skipping rope with counter

  1. Anita

    quality is very good and impressive

  2. Mohd Umar (verified owner)

    Excellent Quality

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