Black Nitrile Gloves

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Nitrile Glove Black

Package Contain – 1 Box (50 pcs Gloves)

Special Features

• It avoids dirt, grease and grime while during mechanical and industrial works
• These gloves are used for washing and processing meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables, desserts, beverages, etc.
• It acts as a guard and protects you from Hazardous Materials, Toxic Chemicals, Biological Risks.
• Added thickness makes them extremely soft and versatile, high comfort and sensitivity.
• Latex-free, odour-free and powder-free
• Withstand IPA washing.
• One can wear them for longer durations without any difficulties.
• Ideal for Instrument Manufacturer & semiconductors manufactures with latex allergy.

Product Information
Material: Nitrile Rubber
Colour: Black
Design: Beaded cuff, ambidextrous and Extra rough (textured).
Powder Content : < 2.0 mg/dm2
Sterilization: Non-Sterile
Shelf Life : 3 years from the date of manufacture

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Black vinyl gloves

use in costumes, saloon and Tatoo making long-lasting heavy-duty in comparison of blue nitrile gloves.

examination gloves size chart

All about Black Nitrile Latex gloves

Have you heard people wearing Black nitrile gloves for getting ultimate protection? Taking safety measures while working with harsh chemicals and pathogens is so important for preventing one from facing health issues. These latex gloves are perfect while working in dangerous work environments. For years people have been using these gloves and are highly satisfied with them.

The uniqueness of Black nitrile latex gloves

The uniqueness of these black nitrile gloves is that they are purely made using synthetic rubber. With so many people having allergies towards latex causing skin problems while wearing them, nitrile is the one without side effects and is of superior quality with strong texture. These gloves are preferred for medical use right after having the medical-grade checked. All the tests are conducted by the Food and Drug Administration with a series of comprehensive tests for checking its responsive nature. It is very durable for use in hospitals and clinics.

  1. Latex-free gloves do not create allergic reactions to anyone
  2. The molding is done to different sizes regardless of the size of the hand
  3. Durable so it can be worn for a longer period.
  4. It is non-perforated with a tight armband for protecting against risky environments like involving infectious pathogens
  5. Has a shelf life and can be stored for years
  6. It is chemical resistant and can also be used while handling corrosives.


Ways of selecting Black Nitrile Gloves

Selecting gloves is difficult depending on the working environment that you are in. The first thing you should check while selecting gloves is exam grade.


  1. Exam grade

It refers to the suitability of gloves in certain environments. Some environments are highly exposed to health hazards causing great health problems. This is the reason that nitrile gloves are used mostly in medical institutions. They are used in the following institutions:

  • Dental clinics and laboratories
  • Veterinarian clinics
  • Medical health clinics
  • Biotechnology research institutes, etc.


  1. Color

For all kinds of professional looks, black is the most preferred color. Spills are not easily seen in black color and people operating in messy environments are always in fear of ruining their gloves. With black color, all is good.


  1. Size

Manufacturers worry about the size of gloves a lot. Check the size of the gloves while purchasing and to help with the size, manufacturers provide you with a printed hand chart. Select your size from there and place an order of the same.


  • Benefits of Black nitrile latex gloves

  1. Takes the shape of your hand easily

As body heat warms up these gloves, it takes your hand size perfectly making it a good fit. These are high standard nitrile gloves and are 50% thicker adding durability to these gloves. These are more elastic than vinyl while used for various applications like automotive manufacturing, sanitation services, etc.

  1. Low resistance to friction

Nitrile rubber is low resistant to friction making them easier for wearing and working. They don and doff with ease creating such a seamless experience for the wearers.


Industries like hospitals, food processing units, etc. make use of these gloves. It is an industrial grade and is highly disposable.

Additional information

Weight0.495 g
Dimensions25 × 13 × 7 cm

Small, Medium

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