11 pcs Resistance Band Set


11 PCS Resistance Tube Set

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Contains – 5 Levels resistance Tube + 2 Handles + 1 Pcs Door Attachemntt + 2 Leg Straps + 1 Bag

  • Multi-Color Resistance Tube
  • Material Latex-free Tube
  • Resistance 10-20-30-40-50 Lbs
  • Ankle Strap for leg exercise

Brand :- Fitcozi

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11 piece resistance band Set exercises

Made up of high-Quality tubes do multiple exercises adjust your resistance level with an easy hook that comes with a carrying bag and door Attachment.

full body exercise kit

A highlight of the product accessories.

  1. Fitcozi Brand
  2. Extra strong foam handles.
  3. Five-level resistance tube.
  4. 6mm Heavy snap hook
  5. Extra-large Ankle strap.
  6. High-quality bands.

Resistance levels depend on Tube’s colors may differ.




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