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  • Attach to any pull-up bar or Multi-Gym
  • Heavy-duty construction with steel carabineer and rip-resistant fabric
  • Comfortable, sweat-resistant foam cushion
  • Includes: 2 Heavy Abs Straps, quick-connect steel carabineers,

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Ab Straps is helpful for doing pull-ups best for beginners and professional trainers high-quality extra heavy adjustable size.

Benefits of using ab straps

What are the ab straps?

The easiest way to strengthen stomach muscle is through hanging ab straps.

It is cushioned with thick foam padding and the straps are too comfortable throughout the workout.

Ab straps are cheap, small, and can be fitted in any luggage. They are light weighted.


How to use ab straps?

It’s quite simple. Attach the strap to a pull – up bar with a clip, leaving the cloth material to hang. Insert your arms in the open-loop. Be sure you have a tight course when you lift. Avoid the use of the back and shoulders.

Top workouts you can do with ab straps

  1. Hanging knee raises

Hanging knee raises is a great way to challenge our rectus abdominis muscle which sits in the front of our abs.

  1. Hanging leg raises

They are very similar to hanging knee raises but are much harder to perform.

  1. Hanging trunk rotations

The most advanced workout is trunk rotation. It may take some time but it trains the oblique muscles.

Benefits of ab straps

  1. It strengthens the stomach muscles.
  2. Builds up muscle mass.
  3. Shapes the midsection.
  4. It shapes and builds abs.
  5. Controls the weight of the person.
  6. Helps in indigestion.
  7. They are inexpensive and most of them can buy them.
  8. It performs crunches, leg lifts, and leg twists.
  9. The workout is safer.
  10. Can be done at home.
  11. Can be done in a short time.
  12. Provides an excellent balance to hang.
  13. Strengthens the abdomen
  14. Target your lower and upper abs.
  15. Attaches to any pull-up bar in no time.
  16. Perfect for those who want to build six-pack abs.
  17. Stress off our shoulders
  18. Easy to use.
  19. Burn fat and tone abs.
  20. Increase grip strength.
  21. It can be carried anywhere with you easily.
  22. Helps to increase stamina.



Working out with ab straps for 3 to 5 minutes gives good results, it strengthens the stomach muscles, shapes the midsection, and builds up muscle mass. Using abs straps is good for basal metabolism, for the bones, for better digestion and weight control as well.

One of the biggest advantages of hanging abs straps is that they are lightweight and small, and making them portable.

Using the abs strap has benefitted today’s youth the most as they want to be fit and healthy and want to build body muscle and abs as well to look good and hot.















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